Inspiring hope: Jass Thethi

This blog collection is dedicated to people who are changing our society for the better. They are asking new and important questions. I feel privileged to know them and to have worked with them.

If I ever risk losing hope, I only have to think of them and their work to regain it. I hope they inspire you too.

Do galleries, libraries, archives and museums represent all of us?

Jass Thethi is one the first people in the world to look at the galleries, libraries, archives and museums’ (GLAM's) work from a critical intersectional perspective. Via IGLAM, Jass questions what, how, when and why we organize, present and communicate data and records the way we do and how to rethink the work so that it represents and give voices to all groups in society.

If Jasspreet ever had doubts that what she was creating was vital, they must have been allayed by her organisation’s first planned conference drawing internationally renowned speakers such as Melissa Adams from the Union of British Columbia Indian chiefs to her, and volunteering to travel to the UK to take part.

This much anticipated event is now slated for 2021. Get tickets now as I am sure it will be a sell-out. 

Jass is one of those rare people who is speaking for tomorrow’s better, more equal society.  I personally love that she had the integrity and confidence to say no to one major funder which expected her to ‘smooth the edges’ of her plans to fit their criteria.

If you don’t think this work is necessary, or you are sceptical, I recommend you try IGLAM’s Privilege quiz – then think again.

Follow Jasspreet on Twitter: @jasskthethi


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