Communication support

How can spoken words become visible?

Are you deaf or hard of hearing? Do you rely on lipreading to understand what others say?  Interested in how you could understand exactly  what everyone is saying at work or socially?

Or are you the colleague, manager or friend of a lipreader? Do you want to understand what it is like to lipread and what support you could offer?

If you arrange events and want to draw a wider audience, you could offer communication support and feature this, giving your event a competitive edge.

Lipspeakers could help

For all of these situations, professional lipspeakers could help.

But what is a lipspeaker? You have probably heard of lipreading. Watch the videos. They are silent so you get a chance to try your own lipreading. They explain and show you what lipspeakers do.

Then click on the button to check the transcript. There are useful links below if you want to discover more about lipspeaking support.

What is a lipspeaker?

These videos explain and demonstrate what a lipspeaker does. 

Try our your lipreading skills then click on the button to check the video transcript.

Big thanks to: Bernice Arthur and Tony Redshaw. 

Useful links

To discover more about lipspeakers visit the Association of LIpspeakers, the Association of Lipspeakers with Additional Sign and Lipspeaker UK.


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