Feedback: coaching

What could Jane's coaching help you with?

Finding hope, courage and a more positive outlook

  I have found working with Jane Cordell to be life-changing. The clarity of thought, extensive knowledge and palpable empathy that Jane brings to her coaching are truly impressive. Moreover, these qualities allow her to work magic; skilfully guiding the conversation along a journey of discovery and revelation. Her well-judged questions and comments alongside her considered use of language are deeply insightful and which help to create a secure and safe environment for the client.

Jane is capable of seeing through the fog of doubt that can so limit each one of us and help the client become aware of a new way forward free from the restrictive chains of their habitual thoughts and behaviour. It takes practice of course but Jane Cordell has given me the tools to modify my outlook and so replace fear with courage, hopelessness with hope and set me on my way to a deeper understanding of that which I may be truly capable."

Coaching client, 2020

Self-confidence and motivation

Jane's motivational abilities were obvious from the start. She is particularly gifted in her ability to inspire others to have confidence in themselves and their own capabilities. Her infectious optimism, coupled with an innate ability to understand whatever scenario she is being asked to address, certainly encouraged me to embrace Jane's own belief that there is no such thing as an 'insurmountable problem'!
When I met Jane, I was struggling with specific issues that, at the time, I did not feel I was handling well. After my first meeting with her I came away feeling re-energised and with an entirely different, more optimistic and pro-active attitude, to approaching those problems. When I went home and applied the wonderful advice and techniques she had given me, I found that they actually worked, and I haven't looked back since!"
Leadership programme participant, 2008

Setting goals

Over the months of coaching I managed to define my own goals and how I was going to achieve them and emerged with a strong and more importantly resilient sense of direction. This is shown in the mission statement which I managed to write as something inspired from my final session of the coaching and means that I am becoming more pro-active."

Leadership programme participant, 2011

Understanding yourself

How did coaching help me? It gave me the means to look objectively at some aspects of my life which were holding me back in my development and work out how to deal with them.

What did I do differently? I learned that what had become a big obstacle to me, wasn't. As a result of analysing the reasons for it, it disappeared.

What was the outcome of the coaching for me? I became more positive about myself and my abilities and with increased confidence have been able to go on and tackle other issues.

Would I recommend your coaching to others? Very much so! You are a very good listener and know how to encourage your 'client' to think outside the box."

Civil servant at central government department, 2011

Preparing for a job interview

Before my first interview for a paid role in my chosen career, I had a coaching session with Jane to work on interview preparation and technique.

What I found most useful about the session was Jane's advice on how to structure my answers to interview questions, to make sure I included all the relevant information and presented it in a way that answered the question as well as showcasing my skills and experience. The exercises Jane suggested I do before the interview really helped me to focus on what to highlight during the interview.

Thanks to this level of preparation, the interview went really well and I was offered the job. Post-interview feedback from my employer included a comment that my answers were the most fluent and demonstrative of why I was suited to the job – without my coaching session, I do not believe this would have been the case.

I would highly recommend Jane's coaching sessions, especially before an important interview or when switching sector/career, as the outside perspective and advice is invaluable."

Recent graduate, 2011

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