Feedback: public speaking

What impact has Jane's public speaking had?

Springboard for Domestic Violence Survivors, 2019

Participants' comments:

 Jane was fantastic to listen to, she has had strength through adversity that is a amazing example to us all."

Fighting spirit amazing."

 Makes you think: she found ways to open doors."

 Phrases that stood out: 'I decided to be me', 'imagine the unimaginable', 'know what you need and ask for it'."

Tutor's comment:

The feedback reflects your amazing talk, I love having you come on the final workshop because it gives everyone a new perspective on the problems they have to face! You are always so cheerful and upbeat as well, thank you for all your efforts."

Northampton launch of Charter of Rights, 2013.

Jane was our keynote speaker at the launch of our rights charter for people with learning disabilities. Jane is a warm, inspirational woman with a great sense of humour. Everyone could get involved in the interactive elements of her speech, from people with learning disabilities to councillors and chief executives. Everyone enjoyed it thoroughly, and it had the impact we had hoped for. We would not hesitate to invite Jane to be a keynote speaker if I were to arrange a similar event in the future."

Lisa Cousins, Northamptonshire Learning Disability Partnership Board

Springboard Consultancy’s annual conference, 2012

Here is what some of the participants said:

Jane Cordell's approach in her keynote speech, which combined humour with humility, and passion for development with a personal touch, hit the mark with the audience. Jane spoke about her experiences and how she has responded to them, showing her depth of integrity and a steely determination. I highly recommend Jane as a speaker. She is a skilled and accomplished presenter."

Helen Ivory, Chartered MCIPD Personnel Officer, Cumbria Constabulary
I was captivated by your amazing story."

Thank you for the 'thoughts to take away' – it was all inspiring and useful."

Having a speaker who not only sticks to the brief but also joins in with the day was brilliant, and exceptional for us. […] Having had a quick flick through the evaluations yours are consistently great – another rarity! You seem to have managed to please all the people all the time."

Sue Keane, Head of Corporate Services, Springboard Consultancy

Leeds University

Jane Cordell came to Leeds University Business School to present a guest lecture and workshop on disability in the workplace to my diversity management students. They were enthralled listening to her life story and experiences of managing disability in the workplace. I watched as normally reserved students were encouraged to ask questions and explore the issue of work and employment from a management and worker perspective. Feedback from the session was fantastic with one student writing to say it was the best session on the course."

Professor Jane Holgate, Work and Employment Relations, Leeds University Business School, 2016


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