Working online

In this final Deaf technophobe blog, Jane explores some of Zoom’s interactive tools – you know the ones everyone else seems to use, but which seem to be invisible on your system? ...
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Ever found yourself fuming on Zoom? ‘Where did the key person’s video suddenly go to?’. ‘How come there’s no option to re-copy my invitation to that meeting I set up?’ And, ‘Where did those dratted black boxes over my beautiful slides come from?’ With these n...
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Feeling switched off?

October 30, 2020

Why working online isn’t always the joyous experience it’s cracked up to be.​

Imagine a meeting. In a room. With other humans. You know – old school from back in the mists of time – say last year. How would we have felt if people had said: ‘You have frozen.’ ‘You sound like a dalek.’ ‘Where did you go?’ ‘You are melting… You l...
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