Here is a question for you: Should HR policy development start from: a) legal compliance and risk avoidance or b) a values-based ethos? Difficult, right? I posed this question to a group of post-graduate HR Management students at Leeds Business School recently. This was part...
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This article describes the process and timeline of applying for an Access to Work grant to support a key business trip to Myanmar (Burma) for me as the deaf Director of a thriving and growing social enterprise, Result CIC. The key points: I applied 6 weeks before travelling ...
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Rights: getting them right

August 20, 2013
What does the word 'conference' make you think? Long days? Lectures? Feeling you really should ‘network’ with lots of people you don’t know? Me too. But Northampton County Council’s June conference to launch its new Charter of Rights was quite different. Read about w...
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