Will you cope?

July 16, 2021
After 16 months in the slow lane, life is speeding up. How ready are we to return to whatever the new 'normal life' will look like? If you worry about how you will cope, you are not alone. And this article offers a helping hand....
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This is not an instruction. It’s a genuine question. With so much cause for worry, can we control how much we do it? The answer may surprise you....
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Feeling switched off?

October 30, 2020

Why working online isn’t always the joyous experience it’s cracked up to be.​

Imagine a meeting. In a room. With other humans. You know – old school from back in the mists of time – say last year. How would we have felt if people had said: ‘You have frozen.’ ‘You sound like a dalek.’ ‘Where did you go?’ ‘You are melting… You l...
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A photo taken during lockdown: can you spot what is happening?...
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There is so much change and uncertainty at the moment. This can knock our confidence. How can we protect our well being?...
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